4 Reasons to List Your Spectrum with Select Spectrum

By: Megan Finch

  1. Experienced Sales Team
    Select Spectrum has been brokering spectrum license transactions for over a decade and has sold/leased a total of over $500 Million of spectrum to buyers across a variety of industries. Our firm’s management is led by telecommunications, engineering, and sales professionals. We not only ensure our clients are obtaining the highest possible value for their assets, but we also take the stress out of selling a niche asset. In most cases, we work on a contingent-success basis only, putting customer service first with a dedicated listing agent in your corner.

  2. Robust Marketing Strategies
    Select Spectrum possesses proprietary tools and resources to position your organization to obtain max-value for held spectrum assets. Our proven secondary market platforms make it easy for buyers to identify your organization’s spectrum and to efficiently purchase or lease the listed spectrum.

    We market your spectrum online, in-person and directly to our industry contacts and our clients looking to buy spectrum. We exhibit and present spectrum at multiple industry events and trade shows. We help our clients develop new applications for their spectrum and utilize our relationship with equipment manufactures to increase awareness of value of our client’s spectrum and promote the value of producing and selling equipment for that spectrum band.

    Our proven marketing strategies will result in high visibility for your spectrum listing within the wireless community.
  1. Industry Relationships
    A wide variety of industries utilize licensed spectrum assets for communication requirements – electric utilities, rail line operators, energy exploration firms, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), rural telephone companies, etc. – not only mobile carriers. Select Spectrum is well positioned within this ecosystem to leverage relationships with leaders across a diverse set of verticals and generate demand for licensed spectrum assets among multiple buyers.

  2. An Honest Broker
    Most importantly, it is critical to have an honest and transparent representative. Select Spectrum prides itself on its reputation as an honest broker, providing essential trust both in communication with our clients and also our ecosystem of partners and prospective buyers.

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